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Cousins Reunion…. 2008

It was great to see Tammy, Missy and Dena and families last weekend at Madison. The subject of getting everyone together for a reunion again came up and I think it might be going on five years already. So this email is to have a conversation on when a good time if next year to have one.

Dan has plugged in a week in June that does not work well for him. I know a lot of kids are involved in baseball, basketball, golf, and other activities especially in June and into July.

I have requested NOT to have it on the 4th of July next year, I just want to do something different for a change (sorry).

The end of July in Wilmot is Harvest Fest which has a lot of activities but I’m pretty busy with that.

There are several of us that feel August would be a good time for it. Or Labor Day weekend but of course that bumps right up against kids going back to school the day after in Minnesota. And it’s very late next year, Sept 7th

So this is to get the conversation going get everyone to look at their calendars and then send me back an email to say what does and especially what does not work for you.

There are 5 new little cousins since the last reunion so it will be a great time to get together and see all of them.

It will be here at Wilmot at the house

Once we have a date set everyone can put it on their calendars so nothing else comes up.

Hope to hear from you very soon.


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One Comment

  1. Nadia Loeschke says:

    Hello family! Here we are in MI, still freezing cold but spring MUST be around the corner!!
    I am also working on family ancestry and found this website! I do have some questions for Ed but dont know how to reach him, and a big hello to Cheryl! Long time eh??

    Would love to chat to you all….
    Much love,
    Nadia Loeschke