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William F. Quade and Wilhelmiena H. Schultz

Hello cousins,

I am often working to update our Quade Family history This requires participation from all of the family members. It is very helpfull if you are willing to provide information or provide directions to the information source about your family.

Additional suggestions, guidelines, hints, ideas on the types of information needed for updating your family history can be found at this Please Help link.

It seems we, or at least I have lost all contact, or it maybe never had contact with whole branches of the family. If you can provide a contact to someone in these branches or share my contact information with them, please do so. Assistance in contacting family members is greatly appreciated.

This link to the William and Wilhelmiena Quade family history will download a 260 page PDF book of the current history as I have discovered. The history is never complete. It needs work. It needs your input. Thanks for your help.

Your Cousin Ed.

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